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If you suspect a child is at risk of harm, please call The Contact Centre on 01744676767

How do we know that we are safeguarding effectively?

Safeguarding children and Young People within your church or organisation is an important role and should be embedded throughout the day to day running of church/business life.

The following are key areas to ensure you have addressed:

  • Ensuring safeguarding practices are being followed
  • Sharing information & working with external agencies
  • Child protection procedures are being followed
  • Recording and storing information safely
  • Preventing & responding to bullying

Use the Online Self assessment Tool devised by NSPCC to check that you have everything in place.

Safeguarding Policy

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Having a thorough safeguarding policy is vital to ensuring that all staff and volunteers know what to do if they have concens about a child.

Please see below the policy example that will help you to review or create an effective Safeguarding Children policy. 


Safeguarding Updates

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Its also vital that every organsiation has knowledge of the recent changes to legislation in order to keep all documentation, policies and procedures up to date and reflecting national and local practices.

Click on the Government link above to keep refreshed on all amendments to safeguarding legislation:    



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