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Previous Serious Case Reviews

When a child dies or is seriously harmed as a result of abuse or neglect, a review is conducted to identify ways that professionals and organisations can improve the way they work together to safeguard children and prevent similar incidents from occurring.

The multi-agency safeguarding partners should ensure that reports for all reviews are written in such a way so that what is published avoids harming the welfare of any children or vulnerable adults involved in the case. Safeguarding partners should set out the justification for any decision not to publish either the full report or information relating to improvements.

Local child safeguarding Serious Case Review reports must be publicly available for at least one year.

If there have been any SCR's within 12 months of publication, you will find the reports below. Otherwise if there are none it means that locally we haven't had a SCR that has been published.

Publication of Serious Case Review

The St Helens Safeguarding Children Partnership (SHSCP) are clear about their responsibilities to learn from experience and improve their services as a result.

Findings from Serious Case Reviews (SCRs) or Local Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews are an essential part of this process and provide us with an opportunity to reflect and learn.

The learning and good practice that emerges from SCRs and other reviews is shared at a national and local level to maximise the opportunities for learning.

Child G – Local Child Safeguarding Practice Review

This review was completed following a referral to the Local Safeguarding Children Partnership Board (LSCP) in July 2021

The referral was completed following Child G being admitted to hospital due to a head injury, following scans it was identified that Child G had two skull fractures and multiple bleeds to the brain. There were several accounts provided as to how the injuries occurred, none of which have been deemed consistent with the injuries caused.

A number of agencies contributed to the review including:

· Children’s Social Care

· PVPU Police

· Children’s Hospital Trust

· Local Hospital Trust

· Adult Mental Health Services

· GP Practice

· Primary School

· Nursery

· Community Health Service

A Professional's Summary Review Sheet has been produced in response to this report (see below) and a multi-agency Action Plan has been compiled and is ongoing. 

Child G Report - Published January 2022

Child G Professional Review Summary

Charlie – Local Child Safeguarding Practice Review

The Local Child Safeguarding Practice Review for ‘Charlie’ is important as it has given St Helens Safeguarding Children Partnership Board and its partners an opportunity to look in depth at how our local multi-agency system has been working to keep children and young people safe.

It enables us to see practice, policy, protocols and procedures in use and to see how they were understood by the front-line practitioners and their line-managers.

The Safeguarding Children Partnership agreed that the review should be conducted using a hybrid systems method. The review would take account of the complexity of the circumstances in which professionals work. It would seek to understand both what happened and why. A learning event for practitioners and first line managers would provide the opportunity for learning for those working with the family. Single agency analyses would promote learning at organisational level from the case. The final review report seeks to reflect that learning in the context of lessons for multi-agency practice and recommendations for change.

The review period was agreed as being from January 2017 until May 2019.

Abridged CHARLIE Report - Published July 2021

CHARLIE Professional Review Summary


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