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St. Helens Multi-agency Audit Group

Audit Group

This group, formally the Audit, Review and Learning Group (ARL) has now been revised and will be known as the Multi-agency Audit Group. The remaining learning and review elements of the former ARL will continue under the TOR of the Learning & Development Group and for reviews this will be the Case Review Group.


  • The Audit Group will lead on multi-agency audit and be creative in supporting the partnership Learning and Development Group to ensure quality of practice across the partnership.
  • The Audit Group will be focused on added value and impact when informing the Safeguarding Children Partnership Board around the application and quality of practice within the Borough. This will be via the intelligence and learning from multi-agency audits as planned within the annual audit plan of the SCP’s priority work and any additional partnership audits requested by the SCP.
  • The Audit Group alongside the annual three priority work streams will support the multi-agency audit process in respect of Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews and lower level reviews in conjunction with other sub groups of the SCP. 
  • The Audit Group will support the audit process utilising national and local guidance, best practice and the evidence base to provide credibility to the audit process.  
  • The Audit Group in conjunction with other SCP sub groups will support the wider communication across the Partnership by supporting any learning events hosted by the learning and development group. Reports on each audit will be made available.
  • There will be a focus upon both good practice that is transferrable across the partnership and also the areas where practice needs to improve or change.
  • The Audit Group will, for quality assurance purposes, utilise the resource of the partnership board scrutiny lead.
  • The Audit Group will also consider single agency audit to support performance data and wider audit.


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