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On this page you will find topics for discussion that will change from one quarter to the next. Please feel free to use this space to share your views with us.  Your comments will be used when the team are reviewing and developing local services. 

The latest topic for discussion is: Private Fostering

Private Fostering (PF) is a term used when a parent or primary carer places a child under the age of 16yrs (18yrs if disabled), in the care of someone else who is not a close relative, or an officially approved foster carer, for a period intended to be 28 days or more.

Questions to consider:

  1. Are you aware of a child/ren who do not live with their parents or a close relative? Could this be a potential Private Fostering arrangement?
  2. What do you think of Private Fostering?
  3. How can we safeguard children who are Privately Fostered? 

We would love to hear your views, click on the 'Have Your Say' link below to give your response. All feedback will be viewed and taken into consideration when developing this local service.

Thank you!

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