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Safeguarding Team's Service Update - CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19)

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In light of the Government announcement requesting further measures be taken to reduce the spread of COVID-19, the Safeguarding Unit announce the following changes for LADO’s, Child Protection Conferences and Children and Young People’s Looked After reviews. Wherever possible, when you are trying to contact us please email through to the Unit email address:


or for LADO:


for the Partnership Board please email:


Alternatively, please email the IRO/ CP or QA Chair directly.  Where you receive an ‘out of office’ notification due to annual leave, please email the Safeguarding Unit who will ensure another team member will contact you. 

The current number for the LADO is 07717366904, but please use the LADO referral forms in the first instance unless your call is urgent.

Children we look after reviews (CLA)

These reviews will all now be virtual meetings. The following is required:

  • All agencies will still need to submit a report for the Review. The reports should be submitted at least three days prior to the review to allow the IRO to consider the information.
  • The IRO will contact you in the event that they need to clarify any information.
  • The IRO will contact you in the event they feel you should be formally invited to be part of the virtual meeting.
  • The IRO will contact the child, the placement and the Social Worker to participate in the virtual meeting. It maybe that each person is spoken to separately rather than all being on the call together.
  • The outcomes and minutes will be sent as they have previously; there will be no change to this process.

Child Protection Conference (CP)

Conferences will be held as a virtual meeting.  This means that all agencies will still need to be available by telephone for the meeting. 

The following will need to happen:

  • Social Workers must continue to prepare the family for the virtual meeting; this will include checking telephone numbers.
  • Your reports will need to be submitted to the Safeguarding Unit as previously required. Whilst the current standards advise it to be two days prior, where possible this should be done earlier.
  • The SGU will share the reports from agencies to those other professionals who will be in attendance and will forward a copy of the windscreen.
  • The Admin Officer for the conference will ring all participants for the meeting.
  • The CP plan and minutes will be sent out as previously.

Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO’s)

LADO meetings have been held virtually and this will continue.  Where you have a LADO concern please ensure you complete the referral form with all the required details and contact numbers so that we can contact you quickly. 

Safeguarding Children Partnership (SCP)

  • All meetings of the Partnership will be held virtually.
  • Ongoing Reviews will be put on hold until such a time as practitioners involved can meet.
  • All face to face training courses have been cancelled with online briefings/ materials being provided wherever possible.
  • Multi-agency audits will still be conducted on a monthly basis.
  • Multi-agency escalations will still be accepted and should be sent to the Safeguarding Partnership email: safeguardingchildrenboard@sthelens.gov.uk


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