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Signs of Safety

Signs of Safety (SOfS) is the leading collaborative approach to safeguarding and child protection. St Helens has adopted SOS as our way of working with families because this will support us to achieve the service that children, young people, parents and carers have told us they want; one that:
- Listens to them
- Develops plans together with them, helping them to understand what the concerns are and why they need a plan
- Is clear with them about what is going to, or could happen.
- Best practice is child-focused, solution-orientated, respectful and inclusive of families and this is what we want to achieve.

St. Helens & Signs of Safety

St Helens wants a consistent collaborative approach across the partnership and has committed to implementing Signs of Safety as its overarching practice model for all its work with children and families.

Since the start of our roll-out in January 2019 we have:

- Trained strategic leads in the introduction of the model in order to help to drive a clear local vision, to embed SOfS within all multi-agency practices.
- Rolled out and continue to roll out training for middle managers and frontline professionals across the whole partnership of multi-agency professionals.
- Ensured managers across the partnership are now actively reviewing all relevant team practices in order to start the process of embedding the model within their service.
- Delivered bespoke training for child protection chairs.
- Identified and trained Signs of Safety practice leads across the partnership who will lead on driving the model over the next five years.

IT systems
Our systems are also having an overhaul in which our case management system, Liquid Logic, will become more aligned with Signs of Safety.

Supporting resources
There are many new resources that will be made available to staff over the coming months. These will be accessible to all professionals who complete the required training.


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