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If you suspect a child is at risk of harm, please call The Contact Centre on 01744676600

Transfer between teams

  • I will have updated my working chronology on the case

  • I will have ensured all contact details for the child / family and significant others are up to date

  • I will have updated my case summary

  • I will have agreed timescales with my Manager

  • I will have a joint meeting with the newly allocated Social Worker and the child

  • I will have confirmed with my Manager whether the case should be co-worked for a period of time specified by my Manager

  • I will have uploaded all the direct work

  • I will have updated all relevant assessments

  • I have arranged a visit to the child and explained why a new worker is becoming involved

  • I will have arranged a goodbye visit before ceasing my involvement

When I take over a case

  • I have read the chronology, case summary and all relevant assessment

  • I have introduced myself to the family/carers child and left my contact details for them

  • I have provided the family/carers and child with a copy of the compliments and complaints procedure

  • I have contacted all agencies involved and provided them with my contact details

  • I have scheduled meetings in my diary for CIN/CP/Core Group/ Care Planning/PEP/ Health Assessment

  • I have discussed the case with my Manager and we have agreed my involvement/ visiting frequency/direct work

Families and children can be anxious when their case is transferred to a new worker; good practice demonstrates a worker who has read all the child’s information so that the child parents/carers do not have to re-tell their stories. It may be appropriate in some instances for co-working to take place for a period of time to reduce anxieties, develop relationships or as a consequence of the complexities of the case.


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