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  • I understand that there are three aspects to permanence, legal, emotional and physical

  • I understand the merits and differences between each permanence option

  • I ensure that the child has a plan for permanence by the 4-month review

  • I have developed the permanence plan with the child, and parents/ carers views, wishes and experiences at the heart of the plan even when there is not agreement between the LA and the family

  • I have developed the plan of permanence having assessed the needs of the child and the capacity of the parents/carers and extended family members

  • I understand what the child needs to be safe and achieve in the future and this has informed the plan and the support plan to both achieve the permanence
    and ensure stability for the child now and in the future

  • I have offered an advocate to the child to ensure that their views are fully reflected within the plan and decisions made

  • I have discussed the outcome of my assessments with my Manager who has guided and supported me, we agree on the plan

  • I have clear timescales to support the plan to be achieved in a timely manner to reduce delay for the child

  • I have discussed the plan with the IRO

  • I have had the plan agreed by the Permanence Panel / Exit from Care meeting and it is approved by the Assistant Director

  • I know what type of placement the child needs and what the support plan will be

  • I have presented the plan to the IRO for ratification at a formal Looked After Child meeting

  • I have recorded my direct work sessions and wishes and feelings work on the child’s record

  • I understand that the frequency of visits can change for children who are permanently matched, I always discuss this with my manager and include in the care plan for ratification by the IRO

  • I have developed a contact plan for the child with their family/ significant others and it is informed by what is in the best interests of the child



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