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If you suspect a child is at risk of harm, please call The Contact Centre on 01744676600

IRO Practice standards for Looked after children

  • I am compliant with the IRO handbook and all of my statutory responsibilities

  • I record contact with children within 5 days of the contact but strive to do this immediately where possible

  • I involve children in their reviews by holding a series of meetings, by direct attendance, by written contribution, by electronic means, via an advocate

  • I address concerns with the partnership to improve outcomes for children

  • I track recommendations to promote positive care and support for my children

  • I challenge the Virtual Head when children are not achieving in education

  • I promote the aspirations of children in care and challenge agencies that do not

  • I observe children in placement to understand what their experiences on a daily basis are

  • I follow up significant incidents and quality assure the Partnership response

  • I contribute and report to the awareness of the Partnership and their performance by completing 6 monthly reports

  • I face outwards as an IRO and understand my role in improving the quality of services locally

  • I listen to the requests of the Children In Care Council and strive to ensure they are met

  • I engage with children in a number of different ways in order to understand their needs, experiences and ensure the Care Plan meets their needs

  • I use independent legal advice when required to ensure the rights of children are met

  • I know how to refer a case to CAFCASS and will do so in order to ensure the rights of the child

  • I will request legal representation for a child where I believe this is in their best interests

  • I send out my recommendations within 5 days of the review

  • I send out my minutes to professionals and where appropriate children within 20 days of the review

  • I ensure that all care placements for children support the child to develop age-appropriate independence skills in preparation for them living independently or going to university so that they are prepared naturally and have the skills required

  • I contribute to the local offer and speak to a young person about whether they wish for me to remain involved past their 18th birthday

  • I am tenacious, committed, passionate and challenging in order to ensure children’s needs are being met



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To make a referral to the Local Authority Designated Officer please call the LADO Secretary on 01744 671265