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If you suspect a child is at risk of harm, please call The Contact Centre on 01744676600

Working with children subject to Child Protection planning including Statutory visits

  • I visit children subject to Child Protection plans weekly for the first month where it is approved by my Manager. I will reduce my frequency of visits to fortnightly; they will never be further apart than 4-weekly.  I have included my visiting frequency in the plan

  • My visits to children are purposeful and I am clear about what direct work I am undertaking during that visit. I record each session on the child’s file and include a brief analysis of the impact it is having

  • I always use my visits to understand their wishes and feelings and how it feels for them in the family home

  • I ensure that the child’s experiences, wishes and feelings inform and develop the Child Protection Plan

  • My visit to the child assesses the impact of the Child Protection Plan, identified developing strengths and increase or reduction in risk. I respond accordingly

  • I ensure I see the child on their own where appropriate and my intervention with them includes observation of their interaction with the family

  • I have a clear purpose and focus for visits and use them to build knowledge about the child’s life and what outcomes need to be achieved

  • I keep the child’s wishes and feelings at the forefront and will involve them in updates to the Child Protection Plan and any developments or changes

  • I can clearly and accurately answer the question “what is life like for this child?”

  • I ensure that parents and carers understand what changes they need to make and are supported to do so; this is evidenced in my recording and in the child’s plan

  • I explain to the parent or carer why I must undertake a check of all the rooms within the home. The check includes kitchen cupboards, toilets, bathroom and bedrooms and (especially where neglect is an issue) and I am clear about what constitutes an acceptable standard

  • I take a copy of the Child Protection Plan with me on all statutory visits and I discuss the plan with family, I ensure that they have opportunity to talk about what is working well and what progress needs to be made

  • I understand the toxic trio and risks associated to hidden males.  I am vigilant, inquisitive and demonstrate professional curiosity



Direct work support sheet appendix

Good Statutory Visits include the Social Worker having a clear understanding of the purpose of their visit.  The child should be seen alone, direct work should be undertaken with the child to support the understanding of the Social Worker in knowing what life is like for the child.  Social Workers should attempt to answer the following questions:

  • What are the child’s views?
  • What is it like for the child?
  • Is there increased risk?
  • What impact am I having?


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