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If you suspect a child is at risk of harm, please call The Contact Centre on 01744676600

The role of the IRO in chairing Child protection conferences

  • I ensure that I make contact with the family and offer them the opportunity to meet/speak with me prior to the day of conference

  • I promote child participation through attendance at the conference, written form, and or advocacy representation

  • I make sure that all conference attendees are aware of the threshold of significant harm and the likelihood of significant harm, so that they can make informed decisions regarding the appropriateness of a child being made subject to a plan

  • I ensure that all agencies provide their information in a manner that reflects the family’s strengths, areas of risks and impact

  • I ensure that decisions made at conference are explained and the outcome to be achieved is clear

  • I ensure that the child’s Child Protection Plan is fully focussed, SMART, fully reflects the current risks and circumstances of the child and each child has an individual plan

  • I complete Child Protection Plans within 24 hours of the CPC

  • I challenge professionals in meetings where decisions made are not reflective of the risks or strengths of the family and I inform my Manager so work around thresholds can take place

  • I ensure that I monitor the progress of Core Group in developing the plan and working together with the family to reduce risks

  • I ensure that the child’s overall needs are met to a good standard and that the risk of harm is reduced

  • Where risks are not reducing I ensure that agencies reflect on their involvement and the support provided to families in order to reduce the risk of drift and delay

  • I make sure that Child Protection Conference minutes are amended and ready for distribution within 15 days of the Child Protection Conference

  • I make use of the escalation procedure to improve outcomes of children subject to Child Protection Plans

  • I am outward-facing. I understand that improved outcomes for children are driven by good partnership working


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To make a referral to the Local Authority Designated Officer please call the LADO Secretary on 01744 671265