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Supporting Adoptive Placements

  • I prepare a plan of introductions prior to the child being placed with adopters and will consult with the child, the foster carer and the adopters to inform the plan of introductions

  • I provide the child with a ‘welcome book’ from the adopters prior to introductions commencing and I will support the child to understand the plan of introductions

  • During the period of introductions, I will visit the child with the adopters at least once and will contact the adopters and the foster carers daily to receive an update on the progress of introductions

  • Before the child is placed for adoption I will ensure that the adoption agreement has been signed and that the adopters have a copy of the child’s birth certificate

  • I inform the child’s birth family when the child has been placed for adoption

  • I visit the adoptive placement within the first week then every week thereafter until the first Looked After Child review

  • I support the adopters to lodge their adoption application when the child has been placed for ten weeks

  • I prepare the Annexe A report to be filed in Court alongside the adopter’s application

  • I ensure that the child and the adopters receive a copy of the life story book and later life letter at the final adoption hearing.



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