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If you suspect a child is at risk of harm, please call The Contact Centre on 01744676600

Section 47 Enquiries (S47)

  • I have undertaken a Multi-Agency Strategy Discussion and my Manager is in agreement to proceed to S47


  • As part of Section 47 enquiries I have seen the child within 24 hours or as directed by my Team Manager and spoken to them alone (where appropriate) within the first week


  • Any decisions about where children should be, whether children are safe at home, or what contact they should have with any people I have concerns about, is a joint decision between myself and a Team Manager


  • I know what ‘significant harm’ is and what factors can create it


  • I have identified all concerns regarding significant harm including likelihood, and I have identified all potential risks, including those posed by frequent visitors to the household


  • My S47 assessment is multi-agency and recognises the potential needs and safety of siblings and any other children in the household (and other households where relevant)

  • I have made sure that protective factors (and potential protective factors) have been identified and recorded

  • I have updated the child’s chronology having fully interrogated the case history on all members of the household and the investigation is informed by this perspective

  • I have identified the key agencies involved with the child, completed all checks and information from those agencies and incorporated their information and views into the assessment

  • My investigation concludes with an evidence judgement about “harm” or the “likelihood of” and whether or not it is considered “significant” (as defined by the Children Act 1989)

  • I have clarified what action is required to secure the safety of the child/young person concerned

  • I have checked back on the S47 referral details and I am certain I have investigated all the allegations made, and followed all the instructions given by the Team Manager

  • I have made a decision regarding next steps such as Child Protection Conference, I have clearly recorded my rationale on the system

  • I have recorded the impact on the child of the alleged abuse and this has informed my assessment on continuing harm

  • I have shared my S47 assessment with my Manager who has agreed the next steps with me

Good S47’s will include contact with the child, appropriate and swift investigations including the Multi-Agency Partnership, clear analysis and rationale around findings and demonstrate impact on children. Professionals will be actively involved in the sharing of information including observations and impact statements. Managers will not only have oversight but will demonstrate their views and identify actions. 


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To make a referral to the Local Authority Designated Officer please call the LADO Secretary on 01744 671265