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If you suspect a child is at risk of harm, please call The Contact Centre on 01744676600

Looked After Children

  • I have notified the Safeguarding Unit so that an IRO can be allocated

  • I have arranged to see the child/young person within the timescales relevant to the type and duration of the placement
  • I have arranged a Multi-Agency Care Planning Meeting within 5 working days of the placement
  • I have made sure contact between a child/young person and his or her family and friends is actively promoted and facilitated, provided that this is in their best interests.  (Ensure planning clearly outlines all contact, and the venue is in the child/young person’s best interests)

  • I have clearly explained to the child the reasons for coming into care.  I have explored possible family and friends placements and discussed the foster placement, carers and contact arrangements with parents, siblings and friends, and endeavoured to answer all the child/young person’s concerns

  • I have ensured that all the requisite Child In Care paperwork, including the risk assessment and placement plan is completed to a high standard and that the carer/residential unit have a copy.  If the child/young person is accommodated under Section 20 of the Children Act 1989, I have obtained the signature of a parent who has parental responsibility.  I have ensured that the parent has the capacity to consent and have used an interpreter if necessary

  • I have made the necessary arrangements for a health assessment  

  • I have regularly seen the child/young person in accordance with procedural requirements

  • The child/young person has my contact details and knows how to get in touch with me if they need, or want to. (This includes email address and mobile telephone number, as well as office number and number if I am not available)

  • I have seen the child/young person alone (if not I have recorded the reasons why not), and I have taken account of their views and feelings, and where this is not possible, I have explained why in an appropriate way

  • I have completed the 'my goals' work with the children/ young person

  • I have given the child/young person information regarding advocacy and independent visitor services and encouraged them to utilise these services where appropriate
  • I have ensured that the parents have the relevant written paperwork regarding their child coming into care that they understand the reasons why, and what might happen next. I have kept in regular touch with them and involved them in assessments and plans as appropriate. Where necessary I have used an interpreter or advocate ensuring that they understand what is happening

  • I have made sure that children / young people, their parents or carers are aware of the complaints procedures

  • I have promoted the child's identity through life story work (where planned) and by ensuring that they have personal possessions, information, photos and material relating to their family

  • There is an assessment completed for the child/young person in care at least every 12 months

  • I have ensured that a PEP (Personal Education Plan) planning meeting takes place and that I have recorded on the child’s file it is completed and can be viewed through the portal

  • I have consulted health, education and other agencies/individuals involved with the child/young person (or their family) as part of the process of assessment and care planning

  • I have taken account of the child/young person’s needs in relation to race, ethnicity, language, disability, gender, sexuality and placement with siblings

  • If the young person is 16+ I have ensured there is an up-to-date Pathway Plan recorded on the child/young person’s case record

  • I have consulted with the child/young person about who is in attendance at their Children Looked After Review Meeting and they know they can be accompanied by a relative, close friend or advocate to enable them to participate and provide them with support

  • The child/young person has been encouraged and assisted to participate in their Review Meeting either directly, or by other means (e.g. video recording, written submission etc)

  • I have encouraged parents to participate in the review process

  • I have shared and discussed the Care Plan and additional information to be shared at the child’s Review with the child/family in advance of the Review
  • I have ensured that all relevant consultation documents have been completed and provided for every Review (child/carer/parent)

  • I have ensured that I have recorded fully the achievements of the child/young person and that these are included in their Life Story work where appropriate (e.g., swimming badges, youth awards, school team membership etc)

  •  I will ensure that all Children Looked After have an SDQ within 20 days of coming into care and annually

  • I am aware of and actively promote the local offer for young people approaching 18 years old

  • I have discussed with the IRO whether the young person wishes to continue to have IRO involvement past 18 years




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