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Fostering Assessing Social Worker

  • I have a good knowledge of Fostering Regulations and Standards along with an understanding of St. Helen’s recruitment strategy

  • I will respond to enquiries from prospective foster carers promptly, with a warm and welcoming approach. The aim should be to ‘screen in’ rather than ‘screen out’ prospective foster carers

  • I will ensure that fostering  assessments are progressed to panel within five months for recruited foster carers or in accordance with court directions for kinship foster carers

  • I will ensure that my fostering assessment contains good analysis around the strengths and deficits of each prospective carer

  • I will work closely with prospective foster carers to ensure their matching criteria reflect their skills/abilities

  • Foster carers I am assessing will receive a copy of their assessment report to comment on prior to it being presented to panel

  • I will ensure that prospective foster carers are fully informed around the requirements of fostering panel and are supported to attend fostering panel

  • If my fostering assessment is not recommending that foster carers are approved, I will communicate this promptly to the prospective foster carers and share options for appeal with them



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