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Core groups

  • I have ensured that the first Core Group meeting takes place within 10 working days of the ICPC

  • I take my copy of the outline CP plan with me and encourage agencies to bring a copy also

  • I have ensured at the Initial Core Group that parents/carers know what change/s need to be made by them in order for the Child Protection Plan to be removed, including timescales for change

  • I have ensured that minutes of the Core Group are produced and circulated to all members of the Core Group within 5 working days

  • I have ensured that a detailed SMART Multi-Agency Child Protection Plan is developed by the Initial Core Group, that this is reviewed and updated following every subsequent Core Group and is recorded on the child’s record

  • I ensure the Core Group update on progress to their actions and advise of the impact that the plan is having for the child

  • I ensure that the strengths of the family are identified and built upon by the Core Group

  • I ensure that agencies including myself update on visits to the child and family and agree frequency of visits until the next Core Group

  • The focus of all my work is to maximise the safety and well-being of the child/young person and I have undertaken both announced and unannounced visits to the child/young person.  Each of my visits adds to the knowledge about the child/young person and what life is like for them and helps in further understanding and achieving the outcomes needed

  • I regularly ascertain the child/young person’s wishes and feelings and keep the child/young person up-to-date with the child protection plan and any developments or changes

  • I continue to assess and re-assess the needs of the child—I can answer the question “What is it like to be this child in this family”?

  • I ensure that I understand the role of fathers and male partners in the household and ensure that new partners or new household members are properly assessed

  • I have ensured the Core Group meets regularly (as a minimum monthly) and progresses the implementation of the Child Protection Plan. If the outcomes required are not being delivered through the plan, I will ensure the Core Group agrees actions to address this

  • I have ensured that the Core Group have prepared the report for the CP Review Conference at least 48 hours before the Review Conference and share it with parents, carers and children/young people in advance

  • I use supervision to explore my feelings about the case and to ensure that I am putting the child/young person first in my considerations

  • If I identify anything in my work with the child/young person or family, or household members, that gives rise to additional concern for the safety of the child/young person I discuss it immediately with my Manager, or a covering Manager and agree actions to be taken

  •  I ensure I challenge partners who are not providing support agreed to the family in order to reduce risks, improve outcomes and prevent drift


Learning from SCR’s in respect of the hidden male in the household is found on the above link

Good Core Groups see practitioners working together and with the family to develop and respond to the presenting risks for the child but also to consider the reason for the abuse and plan to address the root cause. A Core Group, whilst being coordinated by the lead Social Worker, is a multi-agency planning process and Social Workers must be wary of assuming actions that can be undertaken by other members. Good Core Groups ensure that the plan in place is individual for each child and includes direct work and wishes and feelings as appropriate for each child.


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