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Case recordings

  • As far as possible, I have recorded information as I go along; in any event case notes will be recorded within five working days

  • My recording evidences that I regularly see the child/young person alone (where it is appropriate to do so e.g. in relation to age, language etc)

  • My recording reflects the complexity of the child’s life and the interventions of key people in their life. My recording differentiates between observed fact, reported fact and interpretation/opinion. I have included relevant research in the analysis section

  • I have recorded where interpreters, specialist workers or tools and activities have been used to facilitate communication, this is clearly recorded

  • I have ensured that the child/young person’s views are clearly identified in the case record.  As far as possible I have recorded what the child/young person told me, in their own words, and I have confirmed this with the child or young person

  • I have cross-referenced entries in ICS where necessary and relevant, and where I have duplicated across siblings/family members I have ensured that the information is pertinent to each particular child and is personalised as necessary

  • I have made sure that my recording is respectful to the child, young person and their family

  • I have ensured that where other professionals or family/friends have provided information, the case notes reflects the person’s name, contact number and who they are

  • I have ensured that when I record a visit I specify the purpose of the visit, who it was with and provide an accurate overview of points discussed and impact on the child and the child’s plan

  • I ensure that the Case Chronology is updated on a monthly basis and that the entries are relevant to the child/young person

Good case recordings are clear, identify who the contact is with, purpose of the contact, impact of the contact on the child, impact on the plan, determine whether any additional action is required and if it is what it is;

  • Who
  • What
  • Impact
  • Additional action required


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