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Adoption Support

  • I know that St.Helens is part of Together for Adoption, which is a Regional Adoption Agency

  • I understand that TFA is responsible for therapeutic adoption support

  • I know that St.Helens is responsible for assessing and providing adoption support allowance and have read the relevant policy concerning ‘Financial Support To Adopters’

  • I will ensure that the adoption support needs are considered for all children with a ‘likely plan’ for adoption

  • I will ensure that plans for adoption support form part of the ‘should be placed for adoption’ decision

  • I will consult with the adoption team when completing adoption support plans

  • When profiling ‘harder to place’ children I will ensure that an adoption support social worker attends the meeting, so that adoption support needs form part of the child’s profile

  • I know that adopters can access therapeutic support from the ‘adoption support fund’ (ASF) and I will seek support from an adoption social worker to make an ASF application


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The Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) is Timba Kanengoni.

To make a referral please call the LADO Secretary on 01744 671809