Attending Child Protection Conferences

This training is for face-to-face conferencing and so will not be delivered virtually. Guidance on how to prepare for online Conferences can be found by following this link.

A Child Protection Conference is a meeting between family members, the child (where appropriate), and professionals involved with the family about a child’s future safety, health and development.

The Child Protection Conference is designed to look at all the relevant information and circumstances to determine how best to safeguard the child and promote their welfare. A Child Protection Conference may be held following an investigation under section 47 Children Act 1989 (a child protection investigation).

The conference will hear information about the family and concerns which have been expressed. There will be a discussion about whether or not the child is at risk of significant harm and whether the child should be placed on a ‘child protection plan’. If it is decided that a child protection plan is necessary, the child’s name will be placed on the child protection register – also known as the ‘at risk’ register.

This training supports a any professional who may find themselves needing to attend a CP Conference. 

Any cancellation can be done by logging into your account.  All cancellations need to be made at least 5 working days prior to the training date. Any late cancellations or DNA's will be charged £50! 


November 2020

Date Time Duration Location Places Available  
27/11/2020 09:30-12:30 1 Day Virtual Training 13 Book